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As an on-line therapist I am in the fortunate position of being wherever is convenient for you.

If you would like to make an appointment for an on-line session or if you would like further information, you can either call me on: +44 790 5913 448 or email me at

If I am unable to answer your call then please feel free to leave me your name and number and I shall try to contact you within 24 hours. Similarly, with email, I will endeavour to reply within the same time frame.


"After suffering with drug and alcohol addiction problems and the subsequent mental health issues that it caused me for many years, I sought out professional help with Steve Kirby. Over the course of a year’s regular sessions, Steve helped me see my problems for what they were and gave me practical advice and support to help me tackle the issues. With Steve’s help I’ve managed to turn over a new leaf and I’m personally much happier and have a much more positive outlook on life and my future."

"After trying other therapists, both on and offline, I am very happy to have found Steve. I like his calm and practical style. He helps me understand what is going on in my head, and I feel like I have made a lot of progress towards being a more authentic person. In terms of the technology, everything runs smoothly and we can clearly see and hear each other."

"Steve is an excellent therapist. He is sympathetic and patient, but willing to challenge an idea or behaviour when necessary or helpful."

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