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I'm Steve Kirby and I provide On-line Therapy and Counselling for people who are struggling with feelings of Anxiety & Depression. Or are experiencing difficulties in their Relationships or perhaps questioning their Sexuality.

I help people who are challenged by anxiety and depression or are going through relationship and/or sexuality difficulties, to become more self-accepting, motivated and authentic. Through empathic and active listening, I provide a supportive environmnet for you to begin exploring your doubts and fears.
Together we'll tackle the roots of the problem and find a way out towards a richer and more fulfilling future.

Helping You Overcome Feeling Isolated and Stuck
Feeling that the world and your peers are racing ahead towards achieving their goals and ambitions whilst you get left behind is tough. Not having the energy to accomplish even the most mundane of daily tasks is disabling and depressing. Trying to either rationalise or compete with the idealised lives portrayed on social media feels like a neverending uphill battle.
Or perhaps you feel like an outsider, that you don't fit in. You may have a good idea about precisely what is wrong with your relationship or possibly just a vague feeling that something is not quite 'right'. Does every other interaction feel like a battle? Perhaps intimacy has become repetitive and perfunctory or you have become aware of desires that can't be met by your partner. Maybe your sexual identity has evolved and what you want now is different from what you wanted in the past?

Most People Don't Understand Anxiety & Depression or Relationship & Sexuality Issues.
Whilst everybody has an opinion on relationship issues and what they would do in your position. There is no simple formula that works for every situation or every individual. Turning to friends for support can sometimes leave you feeling even more lost and confused.
The sheer volume of potential 'solutions' can in fact feel overwhelming and paralysing, How come everyone else seems to know what to do? The pace of change is constantly accelerating and brings with it an expectation that we too can adapt and develop at the same speed. However, emotional development occurs at a slower more human pace.

It's Possible to Start Feeling Less Anxious or Dissatisfied
As your therapist I will meet you where you are, supporting and accompanying you on your journey of exploration. I see my role as helping you to access the central 'core' of who you are, so that you can then begin to make choices about how you might live a life more in tune with who you really are.
Therapy sessions with me will help you to:
- Clarify those aspects of life that cause distress, confusion, dissatisfaction or anger. Such feelings often lead to a sense of being stuck, unfulfilled and frustrated with life.
- Develop better strategies for managing dips in mood and energy.
- Start to fight and challenge the negative thoughts and feelings.
- Identify the authentic you, hidden beneath the public self you present to the world.
- Develop the courage to put yourself front and centre.
- Feel a significant reduction in anxiety, fear and low mood.

Therapy can help you start to feel in control of your life again.

On-line Therapy Can Help You Become The Person You Want To Be.
Meeting with a therapist for the first time can be anxiety provoking; talking about your innermost fears and worries is not easy. But it can be the start of finally facing up to the challenge of identifying and addressing what is wrong or not working in your life. It can be the catalyst that helps you to realise and become the person you want to be.

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