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Online Psychotherapy
For people struggling with aspects of life and/or relationships and who are living in the UK/Europe. Counselling or Therapy online can be an easy and more convenient way to access therapy in the midst of a busy life where there are multiple demands upon your time.

Anxiety & Depression
Feeling overwhelmed and held back by your anxiety? Or stagnating and in retreat because of depression or feeling stuck? Are you bereaved and mourning the loss of a loved one? People enter into counselling or psychotherapy for many different reasons, you may be going through a difficult time and are looking for a supportive space in which to offload, explore and better understand your experience. Online therapy can help you identify the reasons behind this and plan a way forward.

Relationships & Sexuality
How is your relationship? Are you frequently in conflict with your partner? Do you struggle to agree upon shared goals and plans? Has the passion faded or died? Or perhaps you are conflicted or uncertain about your sexuality? Talking about these difficult issues with a trained therapist with the added convenience and ease of doing so via on-line counselling can help. The first step towards talking about this is often the hardest. Schedule an appointment now; you can either call me on: +44 790 5913 448 or email me at

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